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Train people quickly well with e-business.So they highly efficient manufactured products.

Our advisers provides a broad menu service that identifies the task your requirements in the organization job and designs the task description with skill requirements for the task.

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Feb 26, 24

Sexual Harassment At The Workplace

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual behavior that makes someone feel uncomfortable, offended, or unsafe. It can be verbal, nonverbal, physical, or visual, and it can happen in a variety of settings, including the workplace, school, home, public places, and online.

Feb 08, 24

Organizational Change & Development 

In the dynamic landscape of organizational development, change is not just inevitable but essential for survival. This article delves into the principles and practices of organizational change and development (OD), shedding light on its significance in fostering greater competence and effectiveness. Discover how internal and external pressures drive organizational shifts, and the pivotal role HR intervention plays in navigating these transitions. From unfreezing existing paradigms to refreezing new behaviors, explore the systematic steps organizations undertake to ensure successful adaptation.

HR Consultancy