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Feb 26, 24

Sexual Harassment At The Workplace

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual behavior that makes someone feel uncomfortable, offended, or unsafe. It can be verbal, nonverbal, physical, or visual, and it can happen in a variety of settings, including the workplace, school, home, public places, and online.

Feb 08, 24

Organizational Change & Development 

In the dynamic landscape of organizational development, change is not just inevitable but essential for survival. This article delves into the principles and practices of organizational change and development (OD), shedding light on its significance in fostering greater competence and effectiveness. Discover how internal and external pressures drive organizational shifts, and the pivotal role HR intervention plays in navigating these transitions. From unfreezing existing paradigms to refreezing new behaviors, explore the systematic steps organizations undertake to ensure successful adaptation.

Feb 06, 24

The Crucial Role of Company Secretaries in Facilitating Effective Board Meetings 

Delve into the crucial role of company secretaries in the heartbeat of corporate governance – board meetings. From meticulous legal compliance to bridging communication gaps, these unsung heroes play a vital part in steering organizations toward sustainable success. Discover the expertise that underpins their role and unlocks a culture of transparency, accountability, and informed decision-making within the intricate landscape of corporate governance.

Jan 23, 24

Categories of Work Permits in Kenya 

Step into the vibrant world of Kenya’s revamped immigration rules, where each work permit class tells a unique story. Whether you’re digging into mining with Class A or finding refuge with Class M, the adventure begins with documentation – forms, photos, and fees. Renew your permit, but don’t miss the beat on hiring locals. The State Department for Immigration Services holds the key, weighing economic impacts and the presence of a Kenyan understudy.

Jan 15, 24

Enhancing Organizational Success Through Employee Engagement and Retention

In today’s competitive business environment, prioritizing employee engagement and retention is paramount. This article delves into the vital aspects of fostering a positive work environment and the pivotal role leadership plays. Discover strategies for boosting morale, including open communication, recognition, professional development, work-life balance, and team building.

Jan 12, 24

Ethics and Integrity in Corporate Leadership

In the fast-paced business realm, ethics and integrity aren’t just buzzwords – they’re the keys to success. Leaders, take note: by embracing these principles, you build trust, inspire confidence, and shape a positive culture. Navigate challenges transparently, prioritize ethical decisions, and leave a lasting mark of true leadership in today’s dynamic business landscape. Success isn’t just about milestones; it’s about weaving a narrative of trust, resilience, and enduring impact.

Nov 23, 23

What is Job Analysis? 

Dive into the job analysis process, uncovering detailed job contents and generating crucial outcomes like job descriptions, specifications, and evaluations. Understand the organizational purposes behind job analysis, from designing roles to aligning pay structures.

Nov 09, 23

What is Job Rotation? 

Job rotation, a dynamic management strategy, liberates employees from the grind of routine tasks. It’s the key to unlocking latent talents and ensuring a skilled workforce. Explore how it revitalizes job satisfaction, aids in succession planning, and broadens employees’ horizons. Get the inside scoop on the essentials of successful job rotation.

Oct 31, 23

Exit Interview Tips for HR Professionals

Exit interviews are your chance to retain employees and maintain a positive workplace culture. Learn why they matter, common mistakes to avoid, and use our sample questions for effective offboarding. Don’t miss this opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impression.

Oct 31, 23

Tips for a Successful Onboarding Program

Effective onboarding is crucial for employee success. Distinguish onboarding from orientation, and see how it enhances productivity and retention. Explore key program components, from preboarding to mentoring, and roles of stakeholders. Invest in a strong onboarding experience for new hires.

Aug 23, 23

Getting employment contracts right 

A well-structured employment contract forms the bedrock of a harmonious employer-employee connection. The Employment Act No. 11 of 2007 in Kenya delineates the rights, obligations, and varied contract types for both parties. These contracts encompass essential details like responsibilities, compensation, and benefits, acting as a blueprint to avoid disputes and ensure a productive working partnership. Delve into the nuances of contract types, crucial clauses, and factors influencing contract selection for a well-informed employment landscape.

Aug 16, 23

Give your company some TLC: Conduct a HR and Employment Law Audit

Conducting a HR and employment law Audit is like giving your organization a thorough check-up to ensure it’s healthy, efficient, and compliant with workplace laws and regulations. Just as regular car service and routine maintenance help catch and prevent mechanical issues, an Audit helps your company identify potential problems in areas like employee policies, procedures, and practices.

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