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HR Legal and Consulting Services

We provide practical legal and business advisory on diverse HR matters including drafting and review of contracts and documents, immigration services and employment audits.

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HR Club Membership

We provide an online platform where business people and HR practitioners can access a boutique of services including outsourced HR manager, HR legal consultations, bundle of business-as-usual documents all at an affordable monthly retainer.

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HR Documents & Policies Portal

We provide easy to use online platform with over 1000 high quality labor law complaint HR documents and policies that can be downloaded at an affordable rate.

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HR Trainings and Events

We provide free and paid online training on changes in employment and labor laws to equip employers and HR practitioners with requisite skills on best HR practices.

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24/7 HR Consultation

We provide high quality and affordable online consultation on employment and immigration law to employers, employees and HR practitioners.

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Immigration Services

We offer immigration services to foreign investors and expatriates looking to invest and carry on business, work and reside in Kenya.

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“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.”

-Lawrence Bossidy

Why choose HR FLEEK

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As your digital HR provider, we avail to you documents, consultation and membership that meet your business' needs. Our experts possess industry experience to help in delivering value solutions for all kinds of HR legal needs.

Compensation Consulting

We assist in the implementation and designing of compensation plans, with a goal of creating  proper incentives for employee behavior. We also advise on trends and current rates of pay for given job categories.

Corporate Programs

Our corporate programs are essential to accomplish business objectives, mitigate risks, address management challenges, and make decisions.

Leadership Training

We provide specialized leadership programs for senior management to transform organizations, enhance value creation, create efficiencies and engage employees to deliver better results.

HR Documents

HR Legal Document

We provide all documents to suit your HR needs from recruitment, induction and on-boarding to recognition, awards and employee separation. Our documents are tailored to industry specific  requirements and reviewed by our tenured HR professionals.

HR FLEEK Articles

Nov 23, 23

What is Job Analysis? 

Dive into the job analysis process, uncovering detailed job contents and generating crucial outcomes like job descriptions, specifications, and evaluations. Understand the organizational purposes behind job analysis, from designing roles to aligning pay structures.

Nov 09, 23

What is Job Rotation? 

Job rotation, a dynamic management strategy, liberates employees from the grind of routine tasks. It’s the key to unlocking latent talents and ensuring a skilled workforce. Explore how it revitalizes job satisfaction, aids in succession planning, and broadens employees’ horizons. Get the inside scoop on the essentials of successful job rotation.

Oct 31, 23

Exit Interview Tips for HR Professionals

Exit interviews are your chance to retain employees and maintain a positive workplace culture. Learn why they matter, common mistakes to avoid, and use our sample questions for effective offboarding. Don’t miss this opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impression.